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Des nouvelles d’Anna

samedi 24 septembre 2016 par S. LORANT-RAZE

Anna HIDDEN est une élève de 3ème du collège qui a choisi de faire son 1er trimestre à Bideford, dans l’ouest de l’Angleterre, plus précisément à Kingsley School.

Kingsley School

Anna écrira régulièrement un petit billet, in english of course, pour nous donner de ses nouvelles et nous décrire son séjour.

Well, like most of the people should know, I am now in England. It’s really strange to be far of my family and friends, but I’m quite happy to be here. It’s very interesting to be here, discover other cultures, and see the differences between France and England. But I will talk about this later.


Belvoir is one of the three houses where stay the boarders. It is the girl’s house. I think that we are approximately thirty girls in it. There are two others houses, one for the boys, and one for the kids. Belvoir is a really pretty house. It looks ancient, but I think that it is prettier like that.
There are a lot of rooms in Belvoir. There are the Head parents’ office, the commune room, a room where we can have a drink, talk, and eat, a kitchen, a laundry, and many bedrooms for all the students and the personal of Belvoir. In our bedroom, we can be two, three, and there is a girl who is alone.
I’m sharing my bedroom with Ziyu. She’s very quiet and nice. She’s Chinese. In the school, there are a lot of Chinese and German guys, and it’s quite amusing. But they always speak in their own language, so I can’t understand what they’re saying. In my year, we’re only two French, Nicolas, and I. Nicolas is very kind, and the fact that he is here is very reassuring.
The Headmaster of Belvoir is also French, and she teaches our language at Kingsley School.

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