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Des nouvelles d’Anna (suite)

mardi 15 novembre 2016 par S. LORANT-RAZE

Anna HIDDEN est une élève de 3ème du collège qui a choisi de faire son 1er trimestre à Bideford, dans l’ouest de l’Angleterre, plus précisément à Kingsley School.
Voici la suite de son récit

Kingsley School.
Kingsley is a very impressive school. It’s enormous ! In the principal building, there are the English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religion, History, Geography and Art classrooms. There also are a library, commons rooms, and a lot of others rooms. The cafeteria is in this building too. It’s also where we have our breakfast and our dinner.
The food is not as bad as everybody tells me that would be. It’s quite good, but well, very fat. And well, on Friday and on Saturday, we can cook on our own and stay at the boarding house.

There are like five or six others buildings/centres, but all of them are not as big as the principal building. There are a building where are the Maths, French, Spanish, ICT (computers) and Psychology classrooms, a dyslexia centre, a music centre, a building for the younger students and one for the older, a food centre, and a lot of others centres.

La suite dans l’article ci-dessous "Des nouvelles d’Anna (suite 2)"

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