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Des nouvelles d’Anna (suite n°2)

mardi 15 novembre 2016 par S. LORANT-RAZE

My week routine.
Every time we have to do the register (or to get up, in the morning), someone has to ring a bell. I normally do that on weekends (not every weekends, just one), but there is a person which has to do this for each day. For example, Hermione (Yes, we have a Hermione. And she’s French and English !) has to ring the bell every Tuesdays.
Every morning, the bell is ringing at three times. 7:00, time to wake up, 7:15, last time to get up (a member of the staff comes and checks if we are awake) and 7:30, for the registration. (but it’s not really at 7:30, they’re often late…). The registration is a moment where they say our names to check if everyone is here. Normally, if you’re late too many times, you will have to get up earlier a morning and wait during 20 minutes, but they never did that before.
After the registration, we go to the school to have our breakfast. I always eat with Ashley and Hayley in the morning and in the evening. They’re both from Hong Kong.

The lessons start at 8h30, and we generally finish our breakfast at 8h, so we go to the common room. Our common room is for the year 10 (like me) and the year 11 (a year older than us). In the common room, we’re generally talking or on our phones. There is Wi-Fi in the school, and everybody has it. Sometimes it doesn’t work because too many peoples are using it.
Before going to lesson, we go to our tutor room to do the registration. We have to go here in the morning, and after the lunch. Our tutor seems to be like our head teacher (P.P) in France. Our tutor is Mr Whaley, the Geography teacher.
Finally, we go to lessons ! The lessons only take forty minutes and not one hour like in France. We can have double (1h20) or single (40 min) lessons. In the morning, we have three lessons (2h), then break time (20 min), then three more lessons (2h), and then finally the lunch, at 13 o’clock. Years 10 are generally the last one to eat, so we have to wait.

After the lunch, we can go to the common room until 13h55. Then, we have to go to our tutor room to do the register. Then, we have Assembly, Tutor Time, PSE or Lessons. We have Assembly on Monday and Wednesday. Assembly is a moment where all the school is here, and people are doing things like drama, singing a song, playing an instrument, talking about an actual topic… We have tutor time on Tuesday, we are talking with our tutor, sometimes he let us playing games. On Thursday, we have PSE. We are talking about a serious topic like drugs, smoking, migrant crisis… And on Friday, we just have lessons.

Then, we have two more lessons, and it’s the end of the lessons, at 15h50. We have break to 16h05, and then we have clubs. We have to be part of a club every day, except on Friday, because we are free after the lessons, we just go to the boarding house. I’ve chosen Cooking Club on Monday, Handball Club on Tuesday (the teacher is French), Fun Psychology Club on Wednesday (That’s actually quite interesting), and Reading Club on Thursday. (We are reading a book together, The many worlds of Albie Bright. It is very good. It’s talking about a boy who lost his mum and will try to find her between parallel universes. I recommend it. Because the Years 7, 8 and 9 were also reading this book, the writer came at the school to talk about it. The reading club was allowed to come. It was very interesting. The writer signed my book. He wrote “Keep reading and change the world”. I felt like a little girl.)

After the clubs, we have prep time, at 16h55. It’s a time where we have to do our homework, and a teacher is here to make sure that we are working and to help us if we need to. At 17h50, we go to have the dinner. That’s funny because that’s almost the time when we finish the school in France (when we’re unlucky). After the dinner, we just come back to the boarding house. We have a registration at 18h30, and then, because we are in Year 10, we are free. Years 11 and 6th formers have to do their prep time after the registration. After the registration, I am usually on my computer or doing my homework. We have to go to bed at 22h because we are in Year 10 (Year 9 and below go to bed at 21h30 and Year 11 at 22h30).

My timetable.
For our subjects, we have the choice. There are subjects that we have to do, we can’t choose, but there also are subjects that we can choose, or not. For example, the subjects that we have to do are English (Call EAL for the international students), Games (Sports), Biology, Physics, Maths, Geography, Chemistry, ECDL (Computers), and RE (Religion). For the options, it’s a bit complicated to explain. Normally, there are pictures of the timetable, maybe it will be better to understand. So, there is one lesson where you can choose to do another lesson of EAL, a lesson of History, a lesson of PE (You’re talking about muscles, doing sports…) or a lesson of Art. There is a lesson where you can choose Food (So you’re cooking), Geography or French.

There is a lesson where you can do Dyslexia English, Geography or Music. And the last option is Drama, Engineering or Spanish. First, I had chosen Art, Geography, Music and Spanish. But I changed Art to EAL, because I prefer to improve my English, Geography to French (Yes I’m doing French) and Music to Geography, because in Music, they are actually doing music, and not learning the history of the music. I mean, they are all playing an instrument, they know how to read music… And they have to do that in their lessons.

  • On Monday, I have double EAL, double EAL again (The option one, so everybody is not here) and double Games. Then I go to lunch, but instead of going to the common room after, I go to the choir at 13h30. Because we are in the choir, we can go to lunch earlier than the others. We have a badge on our blazer, which I find quite pretty. After, I have single Physics and single Maths.
  • On Tuesday, I have double French, double Geography, double Biology, lunch, and double Games.
  • On Wednesday, I have double Chemistry, single EAL, double EAL (Option), single Maths, lunch, and double Spanish.
  • On Thursday, I have double EAL, double Maths, double French, lunch, single ECDL and finally single RE.
  • On Friday, we have single Biology, single Maths, double Physics, double Geography, lunch, single Chemistry, and double Spanish. (This is the worst day, my bag is always so heavy…)

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